About the Artist

Among the 32 jobs Xan has held in her life, she's been an ad agency darling, a magazine editor, the Queen of Marketing for a home theatre design company and served more time in retail establishments than can possibly be healthy. She is also a graphic artist, a portrait photographer, a writer and a Mommy. Currently, along with the funtastic paintings you can see on this site, she is working on some whimsical dog sculptures and a book which showcases some of her favorite dog portraits accompanied by playful little poems about what might be going on in each dog's head: "O Squirreleo, Squirreleo, wherefore art thou, Squirreleo?"

Artistically, her goal is simply to make people smile.

"I try to keep things light," she explains.  "Whether I'm working with clay, paint, fabric, photography or words, I always want the end result to be fun.  The dogs seem to sense this and they play right along!"

Xan's dog photos have been recognized by the International Library of Photography and gained national attention from such publications as Animal Wellness Magazine, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles and Boulder Homes & Gardens. Her dog portraits have been featured at numerous Boulder and Denver shops including Dog City, Paw Prints, Colorado Canines, BoBo's Interior Design, PC's Pantry, Acoustic Visions, the Boulder Humane Society and Pearl Street's prestigious Smith Klein Gallery. 

If you'd like to commission Xan to create a unique and colorful pet portrait just for you, please fill out the form on the contact page...